Notes from a small island that's being fucked over, bigtime.

Global warming? Not from my igloo

How cool is this?
igloo, just before the capstone is dropped in

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Why the UK is screwed: #1, County Councils

Okay, number one could have been anything, but this weekend I have mostly been cursing East Cheshire County Council. Read more »

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Old men, singing about space

This is a drunken rant which is an important kind of rant. I wrap myself in the terrible bracken of paraanoia and climate psychofakery. The WORLD is big and all enveloping and we are small and powerless but… we are also, a little potent. Read more »

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The Battle of Climategate is over. The Battle for the Internet has begun.

Is this the beginning of the end of big media? I kicked my heels on the way to work today, felt a zing of joy in the crisp winter air. Blogistan kicked some arse this week – MSM; yooor boys took one hell of a beating! Read more »

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I see a darkness

I’m worried this morning. Firstly because I got blazing drunk last night and probably made a tit of myself at a blistering gig by the excellent Butterfly Jam. So I’m lying here horribly hungover and mildly embarrassed. Oh, and the other worry is that we’re entering a period of global fascism. Read more »

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Dead media – a sign o’ the times

Taking my lad to school today we trekked along the string of fast food joints and charity shops that passes for a high street here, and in the largest charity shop spotted a fascinating sign on the door. “PLEASE NOTE”, it read, “WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING AS WE CANNOT SELL THEM” Read more »

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Carousel propaganda – a new spin on the oldest game

A great post from Heresiarch tonight, ripping into the fantasy world of clots like Julie Bindel and Harriet Harman where evidence-based policy turns out to mean made-up-evidence based policy, and few seem to care Read more »

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Swine flu 2 – this time it’s personal

How ill have I been this week? Very ill. Ill enough to start wondering what it’s like to be really ill. Ill enough to get bored of Diagnois Murder. Even ill enough to watch Ice Cold in Alex without fancying a beer at the end. Not too ill that I didn’t fancy Sylvia Sims though. But as I’m starting to swim up from the delirium and clogged lungs, it gives me a whole load of questions that I can’t seem to find answers to. Read more »

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Sunny Hundal really is a twat

I was going to list the symptoms of swine flu I’ve been suffering this week. Being ill is fascinating – a tussle between the fragility of life, and the body’s surprising robustness. But just when I was reeling from the third full-sized crap in under an hour (hurrah, my body is working again!) along comes Sunny Hundal’s spectacularly misnomered Liberal Conspiracy with something even more stomach churning… Read more »

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Lizard people gather to praise Gordon Brown

Lizard people cavortHow scary is this photo? Read more »

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