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Fuck you, Shami Chakrabarti

She’s a totemic figure to many claimed liberals, and most on the Left, she even entered a loose alliance with David Davis back in his campaign against detention without trial, but ye gods Shami Chakrabarti gets on my tits. Read more »

“What happened in Captain Mainwaring’s time couldn’t happen now”

That’s a Crown Court judge, explaining that the British people need to understand that they have fewer freedoms today, than during a state of total war.

As if we weren’t already aware of this.

BBC: 18 years of screeching ‘racist murder’ can’t prejudice a jury, but one Tweet can?

Laughable hypocrisy from the BBC today, in a lather over Joey Barton (apparently he is a footballer) tweeting that John Terry (yes, another footballer) should have admitted that he called Rio Ferdinand (yes) a ‘fucking black cunt’. The issue is controversial because Terry faces trial for this. Leave aside the foul injustice of facing a criminal charge for calling people names, and focus instead on what Barton is meant to have done: assumed Terry’s guilt, and published that, potentially influencing a future jury. Read more »