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Onward ninja nutters

I can’t really be arsed commenting on this absurd stunt pulled by West Yorks police – to send a couple of WPCs out in niqabs. It’s just ridiculous, an afront to everything you might have thought was reasonable, rational, progressive and even effective. Improving community relations? Not in this community pal. IE, the madness is par for the course in this increasingly stupid stupid country. But… Read more »

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Equal rights for perverts!

Here’s something that I think is a fundamental – or should be. The law should apply equally to all. The Heresiarch posted something this morning on goat sacrifice – well, it is a Tuesday – and the conversation drifted that way. It’s something I feel strongly about, and another news story today had already irritated me by breaching this principle. If it’s illegal for me to do it, it should be illegal for you. If it’s legal for me to do something, it should be legal for you. Even if you’re a paedophile. Read more »

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