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Screeching power to truth…

Listening to the Today programme this morning, reporting on the latest trillion euro THEFT as if it was a good news story, rather than dictatorial governments stealing from their people, and their peoples’ future, to toss billions to bankers and speculators, it was apparent that the BBC’s main problem is that their leading lights are stupidRead more »

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The BBC thinks Polly Toynbee speaks unarguable truth

That’s the conclusion I jumped to when I came across Polly’s piece this morning, blaming all the ills of the country on Class and Inequality – okay, it’s her view, but did the BBC really need to place this in a news site, as a news story?

the BBC thinks Polly Toynbee speaks unarguable truth

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Equality is for ants

I’m so sick of equality. Labour’s painful obsession with enforcing a Marxist vision of absolute equality and interchangebility, with the cell door always ready to clang shut on dissenters, is fucking up this country in a way that mere economic collapse never could. The odious propagandists of the BBC are always ready to defend the madness of course, this morning letting rip at a “meddlesome pontiff”, but it seems within the sisterhood, some at least are showing a recognition of where this lunacy is leading us. The quiet voice of sanity? Why, Julie Bindel of course… Read more »

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The country of the willfully blind

If you want to find a causal factor for the UK’s descent into idiocy, and you’re feeling recklessly uncaring regarding the difference between causation and correlation, then you could do worse than Read more »

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