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Mendonca vs Paxman: what the actress said to the bigot…

Christmas University Challenge has a bit of a dingdong going on; not the scraps between graduates of Warwick, UCL and a dozen other British universities, but the regular opening squabble between Warwick’s Carla Mendonca, and Jeremy Paxman. She’s an actor, says PC Jezza in his introduction, complying with the BBC’s politically correct style guide, I’m an actress, says Mendonca, star of ‘My parents are aliens’, complying with the English language. Read more »

It’s the POLICE, stupid!

I’ve been saying this for a fortnight – and finally the mainstream media appear to have caught up a little. In fact I’ll blow my own trumpet a little and repeat that ’speaksforboskone’ CiF comment in full. It is, sadly for the British media, still applicable two weeks on:

More misdirection.

As I’ve been saying all week THIS IS ABOUT THE POLICE.

This scandal reveals the routine, perhaps universal corruption within British police, and the intertwining of media and police. Now, we know what the media get out of it – in part – but what do the police get? This is the question the media will not ask. Just money? Oh no no no… The police get to control the narrative. They get to deliberately and intentionally, with the full support of the media, smear and hound and convict the innocent, to cover up either their incompetence, or, for example in the Dando case, cover up a broader political calamity. Read more »

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The Rizla election

Rizla? Because one can only approach it stoned? No, because you can’t get a fag paper between the main parties on any issue of any significance. They all agree with Nick, because they all agree with each other. This isn’t a sudden change of course, we’ve been heading here for half a century, but it’s undeniable today. The media focus on ties, wives and gaffes isn’t the cause of the superficiality of this election and surrounding debate, it’s the result of it. British politics is discussed in a superficial way because only superficial differences are tolerated. Read more »

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The Battle of Climategate is over. The Battle for the Internet has begun.

Is this the beginning of the end of big media? I kicked my heels on the way to work today, felt a zing of joy in the crisp winter air. Blogistan kicked some arse this week – MSM; yooor boys took one hell of a beating! Read more »

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I see a darkness

I’m worried this morning. Firstly because I got blazing drunk last night and probably made a tit of myself at a blistering gig by the excellent Butterfly Jam. So I’m lying here horribly hungover and mildly embarrassed. Oh, and the other worry is that we’re entering a period of global fascism. Read more »

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Lizard people gather to praise Gordon Brown

Lizard people cavortHow scary is this photo? Read more »

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“It is necessary to destroy democracy in order to save it”

Gotta love the stupidity of Labour, their puppies in the media and their tame cops. A rag tag wannabe army, the EDL, have popped up from nowhere with a simple message and a simple strategy – makes some noise in the right places – and the State apparantly falls apart…. Read more »

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The country of the willfully blind

If you want to find a causal factor for the UK’s descent into idiocy, and you’re feeling recklessly uncaring regarding the difference between causation and correlation, then you could do worse than Read more »

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Plan A – the one without rivers of blood

Living in that most shitty of things, a banana republic without the sunshine, you will all no doubt be sitting there tonight drinking your 4.99 Merlot and wondering how to get rid of these corrupt bastards currently ruining our country. Fear not, Frank has a plan. Read more »


Labour, fuck you.

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