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Who is this jerk?

Frank Fisher, forty-something contrarian and miseryguts, spend my days doing sorta IT, but have done everything else. Almost. And in between earning a crust I writhe in fury at the moronic destruction of my country, and the useful idiots in the media who spin and deceive in order to slip it past us.

It’s not all shite though. I have my family and my tinkering and the stuff that keeps me sane – but what the hell does that have to do with you?

Want to read more? You’ll find a lot of my older stuff at CommentIsFree – we’ve had a bit of a falling out – “editorial differences” would cover it I reckon. So I’ve quit there and come back over here. The traffic is lighter but I can say what I damn well please…

Mail me, if you like. Please note, I don’t moderate posts here other than to remove spam advertising – there is no attempt made to control or limit libel, incitment to murder, terrorism or anything else. All views here signed by me are my views, everything else down to the poster concerned.