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BBC: 18 years of screeching ‘racist murder’ can’t prejudice a jury, but one Tweet can?

Laughable hypocrisy from the BBC today, in a lather over Joey Barton (apparently he is a footballer) tweeting that John Terry (yes, another footballer) should have admitted that he called Rio Ferdinand (yes) a ‘fucking black cunt’. The issue is controversial because Terry faces trial for this. Leave aside the foul injustice of facing a criminal charge for calling people names, and focus instead on what Barton is meant to have done: assumed Terry’s guilt, and published that, potentially influencing a future jury. Read more »

If you’re a juror on the Stephen Lawrence retrial, stop reading now…

That ought to do it… Being mindful of the UK’s insanely restrictive laws regarding  sub judice, and what can and cannot be published while a trial is taking place, I’ve held off writing about this, but it now appears that witnesses at the trial have covered similar ground, so I think it’s time everyone else had the same briefing… Read more »

That ‘’ site in full…

Well, they say they want to hear what we want repealed, they say they want a “raucus debate”, they say all ideas are welcome. But what sits at the bottom of each and every sumitted idea? idiocy

Bloody muppets. In the UK the internet age appears to have absolutely *cemented* the idea that there are certain things you can and cannot say, can and cannot think. Nick, Cleggie me old mate, if you *want* free and unfettered debate, then just get rid of your fucking Mods!

UPDATE: It goes without saying that the site is barely useable, that half the functionality is crashing under load today, that it’s littered with exposed error messages and half baked basic coding errors.

UPDATE 2: Which brings up the obvious question – always close to the mind of a developer – “I wonder how much they paid….?”

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It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen

February actually, but 1984 is the only reference that comes close to describing the UK today. Our slide into totalitarianism accelerates by the day Read more »

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Why the UK is screwed: #1, County Councils

Okay, number one could have been anything, but this weekend I have mostly been cursing East Cheshire County Council. Read more »

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Carousel propaganda – a new spin on the oldest game

A great post from Heresiarch tonight, ripping into the fantasy world of clots like Julie Bindel and Harriet Harman where evidence-based policy turns out to mean made-up-evidence based policy, and few seem to care Read more »

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Requiem for daydreams

Becoming something of a habit here, to describe British police as cretinous fucktards whose pursuit of political correctness is producing an earnest fascism that threatens dreamers and misfits just as much as genuine terrorists or killers. Read more »

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Onward ninja nutters

I can’t really be arsed commenting on this absurd stunt pulled by West Yorks police – to send a couple of WPCs out in niqabs. It’s just ridiculous, an afront to everything you might have thought was reasonable, rational, progressive and even effective. Improving community relations? Not in this community pal. IE, the madness is par for the course in this increasingly stupid stupid country. But… Read more »

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