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Mendonca vs Paxman: what the actress said to the bigot…

Christmas University Challenge has a bit of a dingdong going on; not the scraps between graduates of Warwick, UCL and a dozen other British universities, but the regular opening squabble between Warwick’s Carla Mendonca, and Jeremy Paxman. She’s an actor, says PC Jezza in his introduction, complying with the BBC’s politically correct style guide, I’m an actress, says Mendonca, star of ‘My parents are aliens’, complying with the English language. Read more »

British media controlled by alien mothership stationed beyond the Kuiper belt

That’s the only possible explanation for the consistent time lag our crap media has between reporting a ludicrous version of events that only a simpleton would believe, and finally coming around to something closer to the truth that on-the-spot witnesses and interested observers suggested at the time… Four days it seems – assuming the alien communications are bound by the speed of light limit, that puts them around 250 astronomical units out – well beyond the Kuiper belt but inside the Oort Cloud. Read more »

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Cameron’s gamble: Britain ‘isolated’ in Europe, or independent?

Stunning news from Brussels. The shock on BBC presenters faces says it all – Cameron actually did what he told us he was going to do. And a nation reels. But there are two questions…
alone Read more »