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Fuck you, Shami Chakrabarti

She’s a totemic figure to many claimed liberals, and most on the Left, she even entered a loose alliance with David Davis back in his campaign against detention without trial, but ye gods Shami Chakrabarti gets on my tits. Read more »

“What happened in Captain Mainwaring’s time couldn’t happen now”

That’s a Crown Court judge, explaining that the British people need to understand that they have fewer freedoms today, than during a state of total war.

As if we weren’t already aware of this.

British media controlled by alien mothership stationed beyond the Kuiper belt

That’s the only possible explanation for the consistent time lag our crap media has between reporting a ludicrous version of events that only a simpleton would believe, and finally coming around to something closer to the truth that on-the-spot witnesses and interested observers suggested at the time… Four days it seems – assuming the alien communications are bound by the speed of light limit, that puts them around 250 astronomical units out – well beyond the Kuiper belt but inside the Oort Cloud. Read more »

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Screeching power to truth…

Listening to the Today programme this morning, reporting on the latest trillion euro THEFT as if it was a good news story, rather than dictatorial governments stealing from their people, and their peoples’ future, to toss billions to bankers and speculators, it was apparent that the BBC’s main problem is that their leading lights are stupidRead more »

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The BBC thinks Polly Toynbee speaks unarguable truth

That’s the conclusion I jumped to when I came across Polly’s piece this morning, blaming all the ills of the country on Class and Inequality – okay, it’s her view, but did the BBC really need to place this in a news site, as a news story?

the BBC thinks Polly Toynbee speaks unarguable truth

Read more »

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Synthia: “a new, entirely artificial life form created in a laboratory”. Is it fuck.

Today superbly illustrates the idiocy and herd-like mentality of the media. Take these two opening paragraphs from the BBC’s story on Synthia, Craig Venter’s new baby:

Scientists in the US have succeeded in developing the first synthetic living cell.

The researchers constructed a bacterium’s “genetic software” and transplanted it into a host cell. 

Note how the second para contradicts the first? The world’s media, as one, doesn’t seem to have spotted this. Makes you proud dunnit? Read more »

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It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen

February actually, but 1984 is the only reference that comes close to describing the UK today. Our slide into totalitarianism accelerates by the day Read more »

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Sikh and yee shall find…. bullshit.

According to Sir Mota Singh, it is discriminatory not to discriminate in favour of Sikh schoolchildren. No, really… Read more »

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The questions Blair will never ask himself

So, the slippery shit is in the dock at last – not quite. He’s not under oath and he won’t be taken afterwards to a place of execution, but right this moment, Blair is finally on the spot over Iraq. Or is he? Will he face the killer questions? There are only two. Read more »

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The Battle of Climategate is over. The Battle for the Internet has begun.

Is this the beginning of the end of big media? I kicked my heels on the way to work today, felt a zing of joy in the crisp winter air. Blogistan kicked some arse this week – MSM; yooor boys took one hell of a beating! Read more »

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