Notes from a small island that's being fucked over, bigtime.

Enemies of the people: #1, Journalists

Suddenly the economic chaos threatens them. Suddenly, the technological shifts put their jobs at risk. Suddenly, they realise the contempt they’re held in. And suddenly, they find no place to hide, no support, and not a shred of credibility. Read more »

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The revolution will not be televised

Well, it’s about time I started writing again. During my recent hiatus the world has continued going to hell in a handcart, and I can’t imagine this is a coincidence. Sure, I spray venom around on CommentIsFree and elsewhere, but blind fury isn’t enough – it’s time the world learned to fear my name. Read more »

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David Davis interview

Something I’ve been meaning to post for some time – the full interview I carried out with David Davis in June 2008, following his resignation to highlight Labour’s assault on our civil liberties Read more »

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The Big Con and the Big Lie

For a few weeks now I’ve been blissfully unconcerned by the Credit Crunch, and subsequent fall-out. I have no investments or pension, I’m not looking to buy or sell a house so the direct consequences don’t affect me. But further, I figured the market would find its balance, and this would all be small beer a few years hence – another Dot Com Crash, gone and soon forgotten. What has worried me is the usual media idiocy and uniformity of presented opinion (generally masquerading as fact), the quite pitiable reaction of the major political parties, and the general rush to ill-judged state interventions worldwide. Read more »

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