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“What happened in Captain Mainwaring’s time couldn’t happen now”

That’s a Crown Court judge, explaining that the British people need to understand that they have fewer freedoms today, than during a state of total war.

As if we weren’t already aware of this.

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  1. Frank Fisher's blog : "What happened in Captain Mainwaring’s time couldn’t happen now"

  2. Firstly, congratulations on being aonpipted to the committee of Liberty it is so important that people with high profiles can use their influence to try and change the law, especially on such a sensitive issue such as control orders. On the issue of control orders, they should be scrapped. There is no justification for holding people for 28 days without any formal charge. The policy behind it gives police and government powers to detain people for no apparent reason apart from their race, religion or beliefs. Yes, it is important to protect ourselves from terrorism but control orders are a tad too far!We live in a very secretive society where big brother is constantly watching us for no real reason. To give an example, I was outside the Queen Elizabeth II Centre on Friday, peacefully demonstrating with approximately 100 people, when Mr Blair was giving evidence on the illegal invasion of Iraq (a war criminal, but that is my opinion). There were probably more police than protesters there, allegedly to protect us!!! The protest was peaceful but there were officers within the QE2 centre filming us. If they chose to, they could take our profiles and match them to government databases. Therefore, they could monitor your tube travel, intercept your telephone OR your internet use. They could then detain you for whatever they choose. You can argue that if you’ve done nothing wrong then you have nothing to hide. However, some people from certain walks of life don’t even get an opportunity to defend themselves.Anyway, enough ramblings. Good luck with the new t-shirt and hope it generates more interest in Liberty.Mark Jayatilake

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