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British media controlled by alien mothership stationed beyond the Kuiper belt

That’s the only possible explanation for the consistent time lag our crap media has between reporting a ludicrous version of events that only a simpleton would believe, and finally coming around to something closer to the truth that on-the-spot witnesses and interested observers suggested at the time… Four days it seems – assuming the alien communications are bound by the speed of light limit, that puts them around 250 astronomical units out – well beyond the Kuiper belt but inside the Oort Cloud.

The interesting aspect is that although this alien civilisation has interstellar travel and can clearly orchestrate a cross-planet conspiracy, they’re still not as bright as your average internet nutjob. Otherwise they’d figure out that telling the British public that the EU was united apart from wicked, ISOLATED, Britain, might not be a good cover story, given that half a dozen other countries would clearly not carry their populations with them, if asked to surrender budget control to Brussels… Anyway, here we are a few days on, and the splintered unfeasible deal is finally being reported as such.

We’ve been here before – Climategate and many more. I used to think the MSM were simply over-confident in their reach and power of persuasion, now I just think they’re a little thick. Or, to be more precise, these media leviathans, umm, I mean the ALIEN leviathans of course, are generals, still fighting the last war. The rules have changed and they have not yet fully grasped it – this is asynchronous warfare: they have the big artillery, but we have the brains, agility and pace.

We also have full-time jobs to do, so I must dash – wouldn’t it be nice if the media hacks paid to do a full time job of telling us what’s going on in the world, could get somewhere near the standards of your average blogger?

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  1. Frank Fisher's blog : British media controlled by alien mothership stationed beyond the Kuiper belt

  2. Watching Sky news last night they were blabbering on about Ryan Giggs and his welsh shag.

    They said something like ‘now it’s all out in the open it will probably blow over’ and at that moment I realised how outdated the current media is.

    For everyone actually living in the modern world this story got boring the minute we all discovered it was Ryan Giggs on Twitter and that was _months_ ago….

    The whole old media is past it’s sell by date…

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