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Global warming? Not from my igloo

How cool is this?
igloo, just before the capstone is dropped in

Very cool. About -5 before we melted and then boiled up some water for hot chocolate, very snug and warm after that. Igloos in the Peak District? Is that a well known feature of  Anthropogenic Global Warming?



igloo, just before the capstone is dropped in

The Eighth Wonder of the world, my four kids, and a couple of their mates scattered in.

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7 comments to “Global warming? Not from my igloo”

  1. Very cool!

    Any more pics available? it would be good to see the outside with the fishy cleric in proxikity for scale…

  2. Thanks Andy, there are other pics.. A nice one with all the kids in, I’ll dig it out later today.

  3. As an aside , i notice very little coverage of the weather in The Guardian ( mega snigger)…presumably the weather isnt politically correct enough these days? : )

  4. Micky D, this is from a comment left at Mangan’s blog:

    Parting shot for the my fellow right-wingers: Matt Drudge (God bless him) is doing a valuable service in actually reporting some global weather phenomena. There have been cold snaps around the world in the past year that the MSM is not telling you about. Killing freezes (79 dead) in Poland, record cold in unusual places like China, India, Peru (, heavy snowfalls in the various parts of the midwest, Iowa 30 degrees below normal, blizzards in Denmark, and a fear of a freeze that threatens the orange crop in Florida, etc. You are not hearing this in the MSM because of global-warming-orthodoxy, but they are sincere weather events that need to be reported by a responsible media because they could have economic and migratory (in Peru’s case–read the link) consequences. Sunspot activity remains low, the ANTarctic Ice (9 times more ice in the Antarctic than in the arctic gents) is still surging forward, and thus we may have a cold winter. I guess Matt Drudge and Fox News (Rupert Murdoch) are the only sources with the stones to actually report inconvienient politically incorrect facts like the weather. The sun, 109 times the diameter of the earth, is overwhelmingly more powerful in determining our weather than our pittance emissions of carbon dioxide (.03% of our atmosphere). If you are worried about global warming, dont own a dog or cat and you have counteracted a SUV’s effect on carbon dioxide (according to the greenies themselves Plant an extra tree/hedge in your yard and fuggetaboutit.

  5. Another foot of snow here today. Skeleton crew in the office, all schools closed, juggernauts skewed across all main roads in and out.

    Yup. I’m shit scared of rising sea levels me…

  6. Call me a naive old fool , but I just had one of those moment of clarity type of things.

    There is no weather condition that might have occurred this winter that would not be siezed upon by the faithful as “evidence” of MMGW.

    Feet of snow & transport disrupted? – “Ooh, haven’t seen that for a bit, must be MMGW!”

    Pissing rain and flooding on, er, flood plains? – “That kind of biblical devestation[sic] is typical of MMGW!”

    Unseasonably warm and damp? – “It’s warm innit, obviously it’s MMGW!”

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