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I see a darkness

I’m worried this morning. Firstly because I got blazing drunk last night and probably made a tit of myself at a blistering gig by the excellent Butterfly Jam. So I’m lying here horribly hungover and mildly embarrassed. Oh, and the other worry is that we’re entering a period of global fascism.

That is the greater concern. Sure, things have not been looking good for some time, and I’ve written before of the worrying collusion between ostensibly opposed forces and governments on issues such as internet censorship, the bailouts, currency and commodities manipulation, as well as the effective merging of government and mainstream media the world over. We live in a highly propagandised age – this really isn’t news and it probably isn’t particularly contentious; after all, with people like Chomsky and Gramsci illustrating the requirement and mechanisms for media control, the intelligent Left is as aware as the angry Right that it is essential that our faux democratic governments control the media narrative. The entire system that we inhabit depends on governments’ gaining consent for their deeds via a carefully constructed media image of the world. But this image is fragmenting. Their control is slipping. In consequence, the edifice will collapse.

I take as the best recent example the leak of emails from the UK’s leading climate change centre, the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (aka Hadley CRU); ClimateGate as it is now known. Known online that is, in the blogs and message boards – out there in the mainstream media, the story simply isn’t happening. The BBC story simply mentions the hack – it’s comparable to them reporting the events of November 22nd 1963 by saying “Shots were heard in Dallas”. To get to the *story* it’s necessary to abandon the mainstream and go to the blogs. Almost without exception, mainstream, formal, traditional media is skipping the story – that AGW proponents have been caught red-handed distorting and fabricating data, smearing opponents, pressuring journals to drop climate sceptics, and complaining about what we all knew – that their models were bullshit, and couldn’t predict current events, so could hardly be expected to predict the future. The Anthropogenic Global Warming narrative is now *fucked*. This theory has so many holes in already that no reasonable person could possibly consider it science, but the revelations of the *actual* collusion, threats, conspiracy that so many of us have postulated as a reason for the apparant “scientific consensus” now blows it to shreds. This is the biggest story in the world today. And it is not in the mainstream.

Two questions naturally follow. How? And why? How – who can tell? Do I suggest a hotline to every editor from the Ministry of Truth dictating what they should write and commission? I dont’ think so, but I’m really starting to wonder. I had figured that the media conformity was probably more down to the narrowness of their recruitment pool, the group-think that stems from everyone all swimming in the same pond, rather than active conspiracy. But this latest glaring omission really does make me question that. And Why? Well, because global responses to AGW provide an excellent excuse for governments to do pretty much what they like – essentially shunting us further on the road to consensual enslavement. This busted theory serves their purposes.

But there’s another question. You see, their grip on the narrative has slipped. We – millions of us – go elsewhere for our news today. We don’t rely on their spin, their experts. We think, question, write, analyse, for ourselves. And we spread the word. We undermine their media narrative. We tell the truth. The bloggers and ranters are screwing up their carefully constructed stories, the truth is seeping like a virus into the public mind. Two truths, just from this one story: firstly that AGW is bullshit, but secondly that the media are actively suppressing this information. Absolute proof that the media is pushing a lie.

What does Joe Public do in response to this? Does he just question the climate change cobblers? Or does he begin to question everything?

And this then raises the scary question. The one that worries me. Our governments may be evil, but they are not *that* stupid. They are quite aware that they remain in power because their lies are, largely, believed. So how might they respond, now that they know, for a fact, that every day their lies are starting to unravel? How do they respond when they see that the media can no longer keep a secret? When they look at their intricate lies being deconstructed line by line, fabrication by fabrication, tree ring by tree ring…. what is their plan likely to be? To sit back, and do nothing, wait for collapse?

Or to seek to grab back control of the narrative in the only way they can?

To silence us.

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35 comments to “I see a darkness”

  1. BBC tries to help cover for it’s friends.

  2. Spot on Pikey . The Guardians response was to poo poo the whole thing , and the one article which us peasants were allowed to post on was rigorously moderated , so that links and references to the data were deleted asap. I expect some sort of manic response by Moonbat , but increasingly this feels like the last days of Nixon …when Ron Ziegler could say that “All previous statements are now inoperative” …

  3. Dont expect the politicians to call for an investigation anytime soon though , those fuckers have way too much invested in this crap to stop now. The good news is that the majority of the electorate have never fallen for the MMGW bullshit . A handful of ex commies / hippies aside ..there is NO political pressure on politicians/government to even pay lip service to this crap. The reason that the likes of Milipede etc do , is more to do with the collapse of the left/right paradigm and subsequent LACK of ideas from any political party as regards the future of society. This is why issues such as terrorism/ global warming are inflated as a means of cracking down on OUR civil liberties . Without the Soviet Union , we NEED a new enemy (or rather Government needs it) to organise against …this then gives legitimacy to our RULERS by default . Hence , everything stays the same ..same shit ( scare) different bottle. Relax , by the time this scare , they’ll have a new one with which to control us.

  4. Oops …By the time this scare ends ….

  5. Thank god for Delingpole

  6. I see the BBC *finally* covered this – briefly – on Today this morning, about twenty to eight. A familiar pattern, denial, delay, and finally a grudging wafFFffer-thin spot.

    I wonder if they do look at the online world and bite thEIr nails as they see how they are viewed?

  7. The Look East TV news covered the story briefly on Sunday nights as “university hacked, police called in”. The news crew went down to a demonstration in Norwich and interviewed a furious green campaigner who said she thought it was an invasion of privacy, how very dare they.

    I got the impression that one problem the BBC and average media Bunty has is in trying to find how to run the story. They like to be able to identify the goodies and badies quickly, then put the viewer on the correct side. Facts matter far less – as they probably don’t understand them – than finding out who are the nice people. Once that was easy; green=goodie, and it would make their job easier if that carried on.

    However, there is just the edge of a doubt in their mind – what if they are telling people they have to eat lentils and hop to work but it turns out all that is rubbish? Will they get blamed for it and wind up being seen as the dopes who can’t even manage the more difficult DK or Frank Fisher articles, despite you providing an excellent free briefing?

    Dr Stephen Lathwell is so furious about this and other matters that he’s standing in Luton South (Margaret Moran’s old constituency)as an Independent in the next general election – so expect him to be getting denounced as a denier and killer of baby polar bears.

  8. Sorry to do this to you, Frank, but how about this for a quote:

    This mass-reluctance to see the signs and act upon them was always going to condemn the population to some levels of the Orwellian control-system before it is eventually dismantled. I stress that it will be dismantled, but not before it has gone a lot further yet.

    The question was never whether we would avoid the police/military state. I never had any illusions about that. The question was, and is, how deeply we will allow ourselves to be controlled by this evil and that can be answered by two other questions:

    When are enough people going to give their total focus to bringing it to an end and when are the gofer administrators, dark suits and uniforms going to break ranks for the sake of their own families as well as the rest of us?

    Who said?

    Yup, David Icke.

  9. Samizdat will always come to the rescue, eventually. It toppled the Wall, and will topple the Lizards, or whoever the next bunch turn out to be.

    I’m surprised they haven’t tried to shut the blogosphere down already; but there’s always the photocopier, or if not that the ballpoint pen; or failing that, word of mouth.

    Courage, mon brave!

  10. Guardian even worse today , now theyve unleashed Lynas (Lyingasshole) to smear sceptics . Wake up Britain ! You are free to do as we tell you , you are free …etc

  11. Yup, David Icke.

    I know. But, just because you’re right, still doesn’t mean you’re not nuts. Just as being nuts doesnt’ mean you’re not right.


    Well, I first started getting *really* worried during the build up to Kosovo. I’ve written about it many times, but essentially I was getting reports across my desk at Index on Censorship ever day talking of atrocities and genocide, and I said to people then “This is bullshit, they’re all using the same phrases, they’re alleging stuff with no evidence, this is pure propaganda” but got poohpoohed and then… it turns out it *was* all lies.

    There was no genocide. Thousands of people *had* lied. Old women, children, academics, NGOs… they really had all lied. Because it suited them to do it. And we went to war on that basis. And then there was Iraq.

    But… I started thinking. If they really could invent one genocide – take the odd real atrocity, take the real events of a guerilla war, take the fog of any war, if they could take that and *invent* a genocide, with stories of death camps and rape camps and mineshafts full of corpses, and they could do that, right under the eyes of the media – with the *complicity* of the media – here in modern Europe, if they can do that, and get away with it, and a decade on just forget it…. then…. how can we believe anything of the past?

    Essentially, how can we believe the victor’s history?

    The more I learn of the world, the less sure I am of what I can trust.

  12. I don’t think this is gonna change too much. It’s getting too much of a question begging slanging match. I forget where I saw it now but the best attack on the global warming / climate change (or whatever you call it..bullshit effectively) was a piece citing the supposed evidence and making the case for it as a religion or at best a pseudoscience. ie. it makes testable theories which either aren’t decidable for 20 + years or, when the evidence doesn’t suit alternative explanations are proffered all with the veneer of scientifically respectability afforded by an incestuous clique of dogmatic and ideologically tainted peer reviewers. There is the added bonus of a supposedly righteous but persecuted ‘elect’ hounded on all sides by a massively petro- funded conspiracy of deniers. You’d think there were lions and arenas involved the way they whine about it all.

    Pretty soon, incitement to denial with be outlawed and/or the libel writs will start flowing. You’d swear they’d been taking lessons from the Scientologists. It’s a bit odd the way much of the MSM has been outraged by the ‘blatant theft’ of emails when leaks have been their stock in trade for bloody generations. I’m not even a fuckin denier, I’m still basically agnostic but just appalled at the tactics of the ‘how green is my aura’ fuckwits…don’t even mind a bit of recycling et al. but I’m fucked if I’m making any real sacrifice until Rushbridger, Toynbee and Monbiot are shacked up in teepees drinking each others piss or whatever you do.

  13. That’s what they do. They drink each other’s piss. I’ve seen it.

  14. The BBC had this information 5 weeks ago ! In sitting on it , they have effectively been operating a cover up. Heads must roll …

  15. Re:Grabbing control of the narrative…The Guardians mods must be somewhere to the left of Mao : )

  16. Anybody who wants to see the moral vacuity of Britains press ..look no further than the Libby Brooks piece on cif ..just disgusting.

  17. If we’re talking New World Order, Bilderberg etc. I have a theory:

    Supposing you were a member of a shadowy organisation that ruled the world and you identified that ‘Peak Oil’ was real and imminent, what would be the best way of handling it? Catastrophic economic collapse and World War 3 is on the cards, so somehow you would want to wind down the free market economy and stop people from fighting over the declining oil. Try as I might, I can’t think of a better method than ‘inventing’ a global threat that recedes the less energy we all use.

  18. There’s plenty of oil – tar sands are full of it, deep oil exists in huge volumes. The issue is *price*. It’s expensive to get at.

    No, this is worse. It’s about ideology, not practical matters like need or greed. These people want us all to be EQUAL! And as they can’t level us all up, they’re going to level us all down…

    Apart from the Glorious Leaders, naturally.

  19. Mr. Pike Bishop

    You state my point exactly as I intended it.

    We’ll never run out of oil, as such. By expensive we literally mean that a lot of economic effort has to go into extracting it, and the more we extract, the more expensive it becomes, thereby stalling economic growth and causing economic collapse – the essence of the ‘Peak Oil’ problem.

    And yes, I was implying that our Glorious Leaders intend to carry on living in the style to which they have become accustomed, by proceeding with an orderly reduction in the masses’ living standards without a catastrophic breakdown. Climate Change is a perfect instrument with which to do this – with our full co-operation.

    (I haven’t seen you in the Guardian CiF pages lately, by the way – I always enjoy your writing. Pleased to have discovered your blog).

  20. I haven’t seen you in the Guardian CiF pages lately, by the way – I always enjoy your writing.

    We had a major parting of the ways. I wasn’t allowed to say what I wanted to say, so left. Thanks for your comments.

  21. I wonder if there is a parallel between the CRU leaks and the MPs’ expenses ‘scandal’. In both we see ordinary people getting hot under the collar about the specific ‘fiddles’ going on, but nothing substantial happening as a result. In both cases, the fiddling was going on with the tacit approval of the authorities – which makes the detailed analysis of the individual ‘fiddles’ seem sadly pointless.

  22. The Climate-structure-that-can-be-swung-drawn-or-lowered-to-block-an-entrance-or-a-passageway saga has now surfaced in the pages of that august journal el reg.

    They’ve given it three pages and they’re taking quite a stern view (as well they bloody should) about the implications of the emails and text files.

    Comments are disabled, however…

  23. Talking of climate change Frank, there are calls on the Cif whaddaya thread and on UT for you to come back to Cif – you are sorely missed!

  24. Well tha’s nice Edwin but nah, not while Matt S is still running it as a stalinist outpost.


  26. My supposition is that Matt Seaton can only last if there are signs of the place contributing more to the Guardian’s scary balance sheet, but he could also go in one of the power struggles. (I might go back then as Charlie Mouse or Aileen Bridgebuilder)

    Wonder if The Times will make the coming paywall work; not sure that many guardian Cifters would pay to comment!

  27. Wonder if The Times will make the coming paywall work; not sure that many guardian Cifters would pay to comment!

    Well I would have done but I certainly wouldn’t pay to be deleted simply for calling Polly an idiot.

    A low-price paywall has plenty of advantages – even over the micropayments I’ve advocated before. If you have a paywall for *commenters* it’s a strong weapon against astroturfing which is a growing problem. It also forces the publishers to treat you as a paying customer, rather than an annoying pest. Be interesting to see if anyone tries this on a large scale.

  28. With the amount of cranks writing articles for cif , you kind of wonder whether theres an attempt to destroy the paper from within …With his untimely interventions in threads , in order to defend the indefensible , Matt Seaton only makes the whole cif idea look ridiculous. Who can forget the Myerson threads when he came on to defend his friends ? Totally unprofessional behaviour and how this idiot has the job he has , with a national newspaper is beyond me. Says a lot about the paper though ….

  29. There will always be astroturfing …just read The Gran …theres any amount of paid Greenpeace activists on there at any given moment.

  30. Frank,

    your 24/11 13:17 post above was just awesome. Brilliantly put.

    I am of Serbian descent & this is the origin of my own contempt for the MSM. The world was fed a crock of shit over most things Balkan since 1990. What was amazing, is that the MSM effectively swam as one. One could say that on display was a unitary chain of command through the MSM entirety. This characteristic only becomes apparent when a lie gets so brazen, that even one little boy in the crowd (emperors clothes) can crash the project.

    Note too the power of the western MSM; they cover the world with personnel on the ground, in a way that Chinese, Indian and Russian journalists do not, let alone the lesser nations. So, that same incestuous MSM club of BBC ilk is typically the primary news source for the whole world by default.

    But once one denounces the MSM, then one is relegated to the ‘lunatic fringe.’ This is in spite of searingly obvious examples of MSM scams available to the common man, such as the never ending promotion of mass immigration in the face of hostile public sentiment, the WMD fiasco, the banker bailouts etc.

    I fear as others have alluded to above, that the public at large is too supine, too thick, too ‘programmed,’ to be capable of seeing the problem. It is precisely because this is increasingly obvious to the ruling elite, that they become ever more audacious. Public gullibility is an open goal, a wide open one; it would be daft for the elite not to milk it. Ypu can now inflict almost anything on the dumb public.

    I fear the worst, and agree that we’ll have to go through the worst before anything improves.

  31. O/T (maybe) but any views on the Rod Liddle thing? The Guardian’s hounding of him seems laughably blatant and partisan, but the mud will stick.

    The latest tactic seems to be very sinister: state that someone’s user name on some blog is “well known”, and that you accept generously that some of the postings under that name may be by hackers, but then reproduce those posts and challenge the victim to “prove” he didn’t write them. Initially the following article reproduced a ‘racist’ quote totally out of context, and then later ‘accepted’ the ‘mistake’ and added a note to that effect, but the damage was largely done by then, and the headline remained the same.

    This method could be used to smear anyone, it seems to me, whether or not they have ever visited a blog.

    And even if the houndee did write those comments, who is to say we ‘get’ the irony intended, or their motivation in engaging with the other contributors to an anonymous blog (or so they thought)? This seems like very dodgy ground indeed.

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