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Onward ninja nutters

I can’t really be arsed commenting on this absurd stunt pulled by West Yorks police – to send a couple of WPCs out in niqabs. It’s just ridiculous, an afront to everything you might have thought was reasonable, rational, progressive and even effective. Improving community relations? Not in this community pal. IE, the madness is par for the course in this increasingly stupid stupid country. But… this line in the Comment Is Free article, naturally attacking “right wing” reaction to the farce, caught my eye. “Welcome to the life of a niqabi British Muslim.” The tone suggests the coppers learned what it is like to struggle in this society, while wrapped in bin liners. Umm. It’s a fucking choice! If you don’t like being laughed at, pointed at, sworn at, take the damned thing off! The suggestion is that the “non-niqabi” population has some kind of problem. Y’know, I don’t think we do.

Try walking down the street with an 18 inch mohican or  “Jesus is a cunt” on your T shirt, see what reaction you might get – laughter, mockery, perhaps a little abuse – why do these people expect to be treated any differently? Because their religion tells them to do it? Because their husband or father tells them to do it? Tough. Cuts no ice with me.

As I’ve said before, we can hardly go around legislating on what people can wear – but we can dissaprove, and we can show it. Contempt for this garb – and the enslavement it represents – could and should be vocal and obvious.  And we should not expect to see people prosecuted for expressing such contempt either.

Would we stand by and watch a line of slaves walked in chains down our high street? No? So why meekly accept the walling off of these women? And to see the police complicit in this… Astounding.

Where’s Harriet’s outrage on this subject?

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  2. Frank,

    You still writing here? I thought you’d given up.

    Come and help on The Daily Politics, you’ll have a least two more readers!


  3. Two readers in total you say?

    I gave up, then ungave up, now I’m prevaricating

  4. Frank, nothing to do with this thread, so ignore it it you want but you wrote in the Times article by Rachel Syvester on 8 September 2009

    We know Labour chose Brown, unopposed; we don’t know *why*. Something very rotten happened inside Labour. This man was always a wrong ‘un – how did he rise so far so fast? With no visible friends, no particular ideological power base, no public support – how did it happen? I’m afraid I don’t believe that things “just happen” – not when they are so peculiar. Something brought Brown to power – we don’t know what. And I want to know

    What did you mean old son?

  5. Well Ajax, it was a question – but I have suspicions.

    I think the labour party is essentially being run by outsiders – and I think it has been that way for at least 15 years. I don’t necessarily mean that orders are being given, rather that support, some direct and some broader, is being given to specific individuals, with the goal of shaping the party into something of use to them. Who are these outsiders? Is there one group, or opposing groups? Who knows. But I think there are obvious suspects. And we have seen some pretty compelling evidence.

    How else do you explain Brown’s rise?

  6. Completely agree.

    And the release of a certain unelected person from duties elsewhere so he could be parachuted in as a minister to save the Project from sinking.

    After all, the Project must continue and the “Post-Democratic Age” ushered in.

    All the while the unsuspecting innocents watch Corrie on telly.

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