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Screeching power to truth…

Listening to the Today programme this morning, reporting on the latest trillion euro THEFT as if it was a good news story, rather than dictatorial governments stealing from their people, and their peoples’ future, to toss billions to bankers and speculators, it was apparent that the BBC’s main problem is that their leading lights are stupid

European nations are fish on a hook – the speculators are rewarding these pathetic bailouts with a temporary market surge, letting the fish run, feeling it has escaped, but then they reel back in, demanding further tribute… It is so horribly, painfully, obvious. But the BBC gems, the Pestons and Flanders, they keep telling us, again and again and again, that this time the crisis is over – this time it’s ‘fixed’. No, dummies. No. And no, I dont’ think these are bright people, scamming us – they really are simply second rate thickies.

Otherwise they might have figured out that the Euro was doomed from day one, in the form it was sold us, and the ONLY way a single currency can work is with a single economic policy, and taxation policy and spending policy. Durr. In other words, every damn word the euro skeptics spoke in the 90s was bang on, 100% correct. Every word. And the BBC’s received wisdom of the time, every word, was wrong. Where is the mea culpa at the BBC? Where is the revisionism to take account of this?

Stupid, corrupt, morally shredded and riven with contradiction, lefty to their core – and shot through with an arrogance that means they can never be wrong, and never need apologise – add that together and you don’t just have a damaging media organisation, you have a pillar of society that is plain treasonous. The BBC is the enemy within.

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2 comments to “Screeching power to truth…”

  1. Not quite.

    It’s the German and French leaders using the high public debt countries as fish on a hook.

    Their banks recapitalise by taking advantage of these market surges and buying debt at ridiculously high yields. The ECB then prints a fortune of Euro, which then uses to buy the bonds on the secondary market and that money goes into Merkel and Sarkozy’s banks.

    It was the Germans who invested their current account surpluses into the Southern European countries over the last 20 years causing 2 problems:
    1) A climate of continuing investment that led to comparitive public investment, only for the public debt to left unviable once the rug was pulled out in 2008
    2) Lack of domestic (German) investment thus keeping German production and labour costs artificially low, while causing artificial and unsustainable demand in those recipients of their surpluses

    Now to further the cynicism and pain, Germany wants to abuse and prolong the so-called “debt crisis” to :
    a) Make sure that the Euro is at a nice enough exchange rate to continue non-European exports
    b) Use ECB money to clear the major banks’ balance sheets

    Eventually the core banks will have taken their haircuts and be deemed free enough of exposure and risk, and then this debt crisis will magically disappear. Not sooner.

  2. Top Article in the Reg. Have to agree!

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