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The BBC thinks Polly Toynbee speaks unarguable truth

That’s the conclusion I jumped to when I came across Polly’s piece this morning, blaming all the ills of the country on Class and Inequality – okay, it’s her view, but did the BBC really need to place this in a news site, as a news story?

the BBC thinks Polly Toynbee speaks unarguable truth

I complained – I had ten minutes spare:

Separate news from opinion, make clear that the views expressed in the article are opinions, suggest that other views regarding ‘equality’ exist, for example cite the debunking of the Spirit Level arguments in”The Spirit Level Delusion”. I shouldn’t have to tell you this. Putting a byline on a piece doesn’t make it clear to people that it’s stepping outside your usual zone. It sits *within* your usual page and menu structure and appears for all the world to be a factual article, rather than the routine pollyanna ravings of the country’s leading champagne socialist.

Remedy it please.

And they re-titled the piece, adding ‘viewpoint’, added an opening para pointing out that Pol Potty is a ‘Left wing’ commentator (she won’t like that – the Tuscan hillsides will echo to finely pronounced curses) – as illustrated in the before and after screen grabs above. It’s another illustration that complaining to the BBC really works, and works quickly too. They very often simply don’t understand that there can be another view. Their narrow-minded Leftism is so ingrained, so visceral, that they honestly think their silly ideas are laws of nature. But point out that there is disagreement, and very often they fold like a cheap whore after a kidney punch. Mickey Spillane I think.

Trivial? Does it matter that they slide ‘comment’ pieces interchangeably with ‘news’? Does it matter that they slip propaganda alongside the facts? Well, I think the scariest aspect is that they really don’t know that they’re doing it. Our national broadcaster is now incapable of telling fact from wishful thinking – on this equality shit, on the global warming hoax, on…. everything?

Our national broadcaster – and all the people who staff it. Dumbed down, dumb, and brainwashed. I think we have to assume that it’s now possible to sail through school, race through a top uni, come out with blistering grades, and not have a fucking clue about anything.

I can’t help but feel that this doesn’t bode well for our country. But then, I’m sure Polly is delighted – socialism is only ever adopted where ignorance rules.

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