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That ‘’ site in full…

Well, they say they want to hear what we want repealed, they say they want a “raucus debate”, they say all ideas are welcome. But what sits at the bottom of each and every sumitted idea? idiocy

Bloody muppets. In the UK the internet age appears to have absolutely *cemented* the idea that there are certain things you can and cannot say, can and cannot think. Nick, Cleggie me old mate, if you *want* free and unfettered debate, then just get rid of your fucking Mods!

UPDATE: It goes without saying that the site is barely useable, that half the functionality is crashing under load today, that it’s littered with exposed error messages and half baked basic coding errors.

UPDATE 2: Which brings up the obvious question – always close to the mind of a developer – “I wonder how much they paid….?”

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  1. Why not send and FOI and ask them?

  2. I’m becoming an FOI junkie these days… mostly with regard to my local council

    I’ll write something here on my current obsession – the spectacularly chaotic state of schooling in Macc – at some point, but right now I’m still in the middle of that fight….

  3. what a load of w*** that was… but I did see a link about drink…and as I am drunk.. I am off their… btw … if you don’t like moderation, wtf do you go there. If you moderate this I probably wont be back either. but I won’t start a blog and whine about you/your mods.

    especially if that drunk link is good…

  4. Frank,

    your expulsion from CiF coincided with a general malaise there; the two events in my mind are linked. And deleting all your historic posts, that was pure spite and theft from civic heritage. It was like the Taliban blowing up the Buddha statues.

    My activity there dried up soon after, I rarely visit there now, not out of principle, but because the energy and spark had gone. They killed it.

    I can recommend It is an American site on Financial markets, but that is the topic of the day, and there is no noticeable censorship.

    All the best to you & family.

  5. I don’t where to start the banks have taken all our money and the goverment has come with this great idea of taken out 30bn pound banks.To the taxpayer I would like know when this go to take place. I hope soon because we all do is try to do the right thing by paying house hold bills to putting food on the table for the familes how suffer this resscion from goverments past and present and people loseing their home and job and people are bankructp and goverment getting cash back on exspences on their homes and banks on huge bounus in the millions when is this go to stop.Because the chilren are alway going to suffer for years to come so what done I can tell what can be done is (Exmaple) say you pay the taxpayer 1k to 5k out this 30bm for so called bank profits if there is enought to go round to throught who have not lived and not got their live on track from past and present gorverments and to make things happen for the better so theycan repaire thier live for the better.Now you have get it out their to the people we are in need for this to come about for to uplift throught these hardtimes.Do the right thing and on the case and don’t leave a monemt any longing.Not only will you be great for the U.k but repairing the recssion in years to and poeple their live on track know they can send,send,send, or save it would their birthdays,christmas,world cup,the nation lottery to the people who you pay out to with in reseason belive you me their would be a lot smileing faces all over the U.K and that just for starters you can only try just try it and see the magic of the poeple.Please what every you do make a big mistake serpressing the people they only so much.So if the fat cats can get big cash payemet so why can’t we,we also would a nice silce that peace thier mind and what it would be like to that cake.So you some idea how to repair the recession ok what are waitting for get on with it ! P.S thank for take out I hope you understand what to say I hope I make scence(for give the spelling) sam

  6. Yo Frank. First of all, delighted to find you’re still around somewhere.

    I too got banned off of Cif, mainly for disagreeing with people over issues you’re not allowed to disagree over and calling people names that I’ve been called myself a thousand times. One post that got deleted was for calling Peter Tatchell “Tatchell”, which I thought was quite kind considering he’s such an asshole.

    But the YourFreedom site I recommend. I posted there frequenty myself. Although the current one in its present form is now closed, Cleggy wants to rekindle it in the future to use as a means for politicians to talk with the public. After all, as we are now in the internet age, it’s incredible this hasn’t happened already. (Well, not entirely surprising as NuLab’s police state relied on more furtive manipulation through the traditional media. The internet was NuLab’s bette noire. It was giving voice to people who can think.)

    Best of luck.

  7. hey frank read your comment on the telegraph regarding stephen timms and terrorist videos
    That was a very well written and to the point comment. Well said, we need more people like you cutting through the propoganda, lies and erosion of our liberties.

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