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It’s the POLICE, stupid!

I’ve been saying this for a fortnight – and finally the mainstream media appear to have caught up a little. In fact I’ll blow my own trumpet a little and repeat that ’speaksforboskone’ CiF comment in full. It is, sadly for the British media, still applicable two weeks on:

More misdirection.

As I’ve been saying all week THIS IS ABOUT THE POLICE.

This scandal reveals the routine, perhaps universal corruption within British police, and the intertwining of media and police. Now, we know what the media get out of it – in part – but what do the police get? This is the question the media will not ask. Just money? Oh no no no… The police get to control the narrative. They get to deliberately and intentionally, with the full support of the media, smear and hound and convict the innocent, to cover up either their incompetence, or, for example in the Dando case, cover up a broader political calamity.

Further, the media buy into, for example, racism or incompetence as police excuses, rather than the truth: corruption. The intimate day-by-day involvement of police and organised crime. So, the Stephen Lawrence story becomes ‘racism’, rather than the corruption is actually was.

And this scandal – a power struggle, a striking out for revenge, a belated attempt to kill the story before it rips to deep – and still packed with misdirection. The NOTW follows a police officer investigating corruption because it suspects he’s having an affair with his own wife? We’re meant to laugh. haha. We’re meant to believe that’s the case, rather than this guy being leant on by the NOTW at the behest of the bent cops…

The sign that this country is deeply bent, is that no one ever talks about it. Every town has a local paper – when do they report on council corruption? Talk to builders or developers, they’ll tell you about it – do they not tell the press? Every town has drug networks, and money laundering networks – do the press write about them? Do they write about police refusal to harry the drug gangs?

And then we come to the centre. Do we think that with a wholly corrupted police force, the government/s are innocent? Are the cops perhaps the messengers running back and forth to the press, carrying the dirty news, primed to smear the awkward customers?

Rotten. But all the Guardian cares about is Rupert.

Trumpet blowing over, I must also refer to some excellent blogging work on the subject by, among others, the Heresiarch (who also includes the intriguing George Michael tweets).

But not until last night’s resignation of Met gaffer Paul Stephenson did the MSM seem to swivel their focus from NewsCorp to PlodCorp. There’s still a lot of blustering and obfuscation around, but this morning’s Indy leader gets closer to the nub then the MSM has done so far:

By nightfall such questions had been largely effaced by an entirely new twist, namely the sudden resignation of the head of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Paul Stephenson – an event that drew attention away from the scandal as a purely Murdoch affair, and back to the excessively close, one might say incestuous, relationship between News International and the Met.

Treading lightly – but at least they acknowledge a broad and close relationship.

The Stephenson resignation is an attempt to shut down further unpicking of this relationship – to personalise the issue and coalesce focus and criticism on one man – let that scapegoat carry the sins away. The timing is crucial in understanding of course- and the gradual awakening of the US authorities to this must be considered significant. Like ClimateGate – another story the MSM refused to ‘get’ – the British media didn’t acknowledge it until the Yanks cottoned on.

So what’s going on? Why the reptilian pace? The charitable explanation is that journalists don’t write stories until they have enough evidence to back them up – anyone who’s worked in a newsroom knows this is cobblers. A better explanation is that editors don’t pass them, and publishers don’t publish – but on the police links there WAS plenty of evidence. This is simple stuff. Idiot level. There is a clear and inescapable either/or question that journalists should have been putting to Paul Stephenson for a fortnight – at the very least: Do you believe that hundreds of police officers are feeding journalists information on every major case – or that the Police National Computer is insecure, and is being accessed by a few ‘bad apples’ to pull out the necessary information? That question could have been asked from Day One, and every day thereafter – along with the necessary follow-up if the second option is figured to be safest by the cops: If that’s the case, is there a the digital audit trail that points to the culprits? And if there isn’t an audit trail then we really do have a can of worms. If the PNC has been built without a secure audit trail, then it has been built, intentionally, outside of the law, intentionally, to promote misuse of information. Why might that be, we have to ask.

The BBC and Guardian would like to keep this focussed on Murdoch, and by extension on Cameron – Cameron is a here-today-gone-tomorrow politician; the police are here to stay. They are the problem. This is where the focus should have been several years ago, it is where the focus should be today. And tomorrow.

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5 comments to “It’s the POLICE, stupid!”

  1. Frank

    Your comment above about police and council corruption certainly resonates with me. I have been aware of it only in the last decade since I watched as roads were re-routed, unnecessary roundabouts put in, only to become junctions with traffic lights , a year later and deliberate congestion created to justify new roads and the seizure of properties which, surprise surprise, suddenly become habitable again after £ hundreds of thousands have been spent on them with council taxpayers money, They mysteriously then become occupied without ever having come on the market, ‘for sale’ sign boards appear and then disappear and then new inhabitants appear. An online check of land registry shows no sale activity. Nearby empty house from a mental hospital suddenly have 6 unmarked vans on their drives for a year as men work non-stop in building a new house around the old one, twice the size and then demolish from the inside. Money laundering, theft and use of council employees on a grand scale. Hundreds of acres leased to a charity for mentally handicapped youngsters to ride horses to a relative of a councillor who slowly starts building first stables and then pucker buildings. Local drug dealers go unchallenged. I could go on but would not like to reveal more in public. I have written and phoned the Kent Messenger twice. Not interested. Massive subtle corruption. Everywhere. Every day.

  2. No, clearly it’s all the fault of the Bush artinismdation for inflaming the “Arab Street” with their eco-terrorism policies of global warming and SUV usage.Plus, of course, the joooooooos.Man, I’m about to get on an airplane in a few hours. I hate this.-AC

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