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Carousel propaganda – a new spin on the oldest game

A great post from Heresiarch tonight, ripping into the fantasy world of clots like Julie Bindel and Harriet Harman where evidence-based policy turns out to mean made-up-evidence based policy, and few seem to care Read more »

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Sunny Hundal really is a twat

I was going to list the symptoms of swine flu I’ve been suffering this week. Being ill is fascinating – a tussle between the fragility of life, and the body’s surprising robustness. But just when I was reeling from the third full-sized crap in under an hour (hurrah, my body is working again!) along comes Sunny Hundal’s spectacularly misnomered Liberal Conspiracy with something even more stomach churning… Read more »

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Requiem for daydreams

Becoming something of a habit here, to describe British police as cretinous fucktards whose pursuit of political correctness is producing an earnest fascism that threatens dreamers and misfits just as much as genuine terrorists or killers. Read more »

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“It is necessary to destroy democracy in order to save it”

Gotta love the stupidity of Labour, their puppies in the media and their tame cops. A rag tag wannabe army, the EDL, have popped up from nowhere with a simple message and a simple strategy – makes some noise in the right places – and the State apparantly falls apart…. Read more »

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Enemies of the people: #1, Journalists

Suddenly the economic chaos threatens them. Suddenly, the technological shifts put their jobs at risk. Suddenly, they realise the contempt they’re held in. And suddenly, they find no place to hide, no support, and not a shred of credibility. Read more »

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