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“It is necessary to destroy democracy in order to save it”

Gotta love the stupidity of Labour, their puppies in the media and their tame cops. A rag tag wannabe army, the EDL, have popped up from nowhere with a simple message and a simple strategy – makes some noise in the right places – and the State apparantly falls apart….

John Denham, a bloke who I think sees his moment coming, has announced he sees parallels with Moseley in the 30s; fascists marching in sensitive areas with the goal of triggering violence against them. Well, the EDL may well have fascists within their loose, cellular ranks – disorganised organisation, very Web 2.0 – their timing and appearance suggest to me that some don’t like the BNP’s newfound electoral success and Griffin’s coalition has lost some of the streetfighting men. I wonder if Griffin is pleased or not. But that’s not the point – left wingers like fascists and communists should have freedom of speech too – if an angry mob turns up to attack them, then the cops should do their job, and enable their march or speech to go ahead.

If locals, such as the Muslims in Harrow last night, don’t like that, then tough. You’d hardly know it from BBC reports but the seizure of weapons, the violence, and the arrests *all* came on the counter-demonstration side. Marches and speeches never killed anyone; in a democracy the State, via the police, should be ensuring that mobs cannot supress dissenting speech. The police, and evidently ministers, have other ideas though. Denham wants people who disagree with him to just shut up. West Midlands Police’s Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Rowe takes a similarly direct route: “If the EDL come back to this city in future I’ve got more of an evidence case, and intelligence to arrest them a lot earlier, to prevent a breach of the peace”. Nice. Say something that angers people, and you’ll be arrested. Make a sound outside the imposed “consensus”, and you’ll be carted off to chokey. And this is how a “democratic” society responds to political dissent is it?

When you’re looking for fascists under the bed, John and Sharon, maybe look in the mirror some time?

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4 comments to ““It is necessary to destroy democracy in order to save it””

  1. You’d be against the East End Jews who beat up Moseley and his blackshirts, then?

  2. Time to polish your gun…sorry …rifle…the NuLab taxman’s on his way to measure your conservatory for council tax re-evaluation. Or you could always dig a pit and put a few sharpened stakes in the bottom…maybe get a few boy scouts around to help you out…oh maybe not…you’d never get through the CRB vetting….there’s a new box you’ve gotta tick if you don’t think Hunter S Thompson’s an anti-social affront to all that’s decent and wholesome

    Ever thought of moving to Montana and living up a mountain?

  3. Whoops…here it is…

    Sit down before you look…and…deep breaths

  4. Ever thought of moving to Montana and living up a mountain?

    Often monkeyfish. Wyoming maybe. Saddled with a reluctant wife who doesnt’ believe we’re heading for a showdown. On the council tax “re-evaulation” (increase for anyone who doesn’t live in squalor. Bit of an old story, the only unknown is the timing) I’m with Dale – not literally…- no government stooge is coming into my home. It is, as is said in his thread, a tax on aspiration. Very atlas shrugged.

    johnb. – it depends. If the jews of the east end were being physically attacked, then of course I’d ack self defence – but if they were merely being provoked or upset by speeches, then no. If you’re faced with jaw jaw jaw, then you’re obliged to respond in the same way. If it becomes war war war, then you can turn to violence too. BTW, the battle of cable street was a squabble between rival left-wing factions – precious few locals of any ethnicity were involved, it was international socialists versus national socialists, although in the event it was mostly communists versus the police.

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