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Requiem for daydreams

Becoming something of a habit here, to describe British police as cretinous fucktards whose pursuit of political correctness is producing an earnest fascism that threatens dreamers and misfits just as much as genuine terrorists or killers.

Aided and abetted – or perhaps incited is more accurate – by an equally dullwitted and politically warped CPS, and underpinned by a decade’s deluded legislation, we now suffer the most appalling miscarriages of justice on a daily basis. Some nut arrested for pissing on a railway platform turns out to have a tennis ball filled with paraffin – well hell, he’s a terrorist isn’t he? Successful terrorists often get ratarsed and urinate in public, while abusing railway porters. It’s part of their training. Life sentence for him. I mean, the guy modifed an air freshener to rattle against a neighbour’s wall every 60 seconds – he’s obviously part of the axis of evil. And for the past couple of weeks we’ve suffered a trial – an actual trial ffs – of two boys accused of Innapropriate Daydreams, compounded by the serious offence of Phoning while Drunk.

Who didn’t entertain the odd dream of slaughtering everyone in their school? Hell, I did. A fair few of them at least. Who hasn’t got legless and told a girl you wanted to impress that the world would one day fear your name? I *still* do that… But only in the Britain of 2009 does this constitute a crime. Only here and now would you be remanded in jail for six months for a piss-weak case like that. Accused of conspiracy to murder, for writing teenage angst poetry and possessing the Anarchists’ Cookbook!

Two ordinary teenagers, neither of whom had ever been in trouble with the law, neither of whom had any weapons or any obvious path to get any, neither of whom had ever shown any violent tendancies – and the CPS thought these were the kind of people to bang up, and put on trial at a cost of half a million quid.

Meanwhile the streets are full of scrotes committing crime all day every day, violent abusive whacked-out thugs who stroll the highways unhindered by any likelihood of spending time inside. it seems that actually committing crimes is far less of a concern to the police than fantasising about committing crimes, than dreaming of exacting some kind of mythic justice. Nope, thuggery, vandalism, theft, assault – these are trivial issues to be tackled with a caution, if that. Keeping a diary though, having bad thoughts… well, watch out!

Guess what Manchester Police, Manchester CPS? I’m thinking of stringing the lot of you up. And… yes… in the daydream, I’m quite enjoying it. Am I nicked?


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  1. I cannot disagree with anything you wrote.

  2. Many years ago I used to respect the police, not any more. They’re morons. You’ve put a lot of energy into that piece, you sound like “you’re mad as hell, and you’re not going to take it anymore.” Trouble is we’re all as mad as hell but we’ve not reached the stage of not taking it anymore. The way the country is being run is making us all bonkers, (just like Brown) but I wonder what the tipping point will be. There’s got to be one. Maybe it will be a rigged election – postal vote fraud. Or maybe Brown will use some excuse to delay the election. But for now we’ll continue ranting and raving on the blogs, and wasting our precious time. because nothing will change, but we’ve all become experts in hating. There’s so many of them I’d like to string up, and I used to be such a gentle person.

  3. Ah, but remember the song – “Anger is an energy”?

    Yes, we’re somewhat impotent at the moment, but only because we haven’t yet reached our collective tipping point. But the mood is there, the underlying momentum. I think of it as being like a super saturated solution – dense with dissolved, but hidden, particulates. Shake rattle and roll that solutiona nd nothing will happen but then… allow a focus in, a speck of dust, something for the material to coalesce around, and in the blink of an eye, it all precipitates out. Change, massive change, distributed instantly across the whole domain…

    All it needs is a focus. What that might be, who could tell.

    But yes, on Guido t’other day I wondered what would happen if they fraudulently stole the election. Might that trigger it? There’s a large element of “I will if you will”. What they should be is, “I must if you must” . Because we *must*. It’s getting to the point where there shouldn’t be a choice.

  4. The only quibble I’ve got is that I don’t think you can do two places of six months on remand, a police enquiry which involves flying two detectives to Colorado for unspecified ‘talks’, retain a US expert witness (the Colorado officer) run a full-length trial in a criminal court , interim psychological interviews, not to mention the pre-trial stages, and have top-dog, top-dollar Peter Wright QC leading the prosecution, all out of a measley half a million quid.

    It’s more like 2 million – and there is bound to be an compensation case because the lack of evidence brings us in to the question of quantum damages.

    Wankers is the best word. It accurately describes a bunch of people who get together to frot themselves furiously against a violent fantasy and hope to reach a multiple-orgasm at convcition. Let us not forget that GMP, the CPS reviewing lawyer John Lord, and CPS head Kier Starmer must also be in the wankers club. If Baroness Scotland herself signed this one off – as the BBC suggests – she is definitely the biggest wanker of them all since she spent half her career weeping over da children, then does plenty of damage to two who are minors and, at the original indictment, were granted anonymity. (They were named later,).

  5. Forgot to say – excellent blog.

  6. Excellent piece Frank

  7. Quite so Woman On a Raft, and thanks, and to you too Edwin.

    WOAR, this is of not much rlevance, but I thought you might like it, indicating how *dumb* Greater Manchester Police are; I complained to them during the Great Motoons Cowardice atfer they sent a paddy wagon full of cops to investigate who had put a toon up on an office noticeboard – they termed this a possible hate crime, I termed it a criminal waste of money and incipient fascism. So I wrote, and got the most snotty email back, telling me I was wrong to complain, that I needed to rethink my views and perspective, and to not darken their door again. As you’d expect. But this was from the head cop of their special PC unit called, get this “Diversity Command”.

    Oh how I laughed as I watched my country slide down the shitter. Diversity Command.

    Wankers and cunts.

  8. I wonder if it’s special to the Manchester police, or if they have different realms of idiocy depending where you are in the country. The Norfolk police often get themselves involved in bizarre disputes, like one about breast feeding in 2005.

    The blogger 200 weeks

    has a very good article which made the point that the Norfolk police managed to annoy a white, middle-class, female demographic – precisely the group which can normally be counted on to be reasonably pro-police. It also voiced concern about the er, mindset, of some of our PCSOs and specials as expounded on their fora. I share their concern; the intellectual gear of the PCSOs is abysmal, if those are a representative sample. The f/t police officers and police specials aren’t all that much better.

  9. This video goes on a bit – they are chippy hippies – but it illustrates by example that the police have become what the maker calls “a corporate gang” who see it as their job to interfere with people rather than serve them.

    Fish liberation

  10. I’m guessing that you would conflate the “dullwitted and politically warped CPS” with what you have elsewhere described as “socialist thoughtcrime” on another site from which I’m absenting myself. If ‘conflating’ is a bit strong, then I guess you’d file it all away under “deluded leftwing fascistic bullshit”?

    Can I just point out that, whatever your views on ‘socialism’ which you’ve made clear in the past, the thoughtcrime stuff and the NuLab contradictory, knee-jerk, authoritarian legislation fest are not products of democratic socialism. They are the by-products of a relativist agenda…postmodern, post structuralist, social constructivist, if you like.. or any philosophy that believes in ‘local truths’, ‘equally valid narratives’ and the like.

    Socialism is a positivist system. It has in the past even regarded itself (wrongly) as ‘scientific’, it believes in an objective reality and universal values. Admittedly, it’s often torn itself to bits trying to marry its beliefs to the real world and tied itself in knots deciding which cause it should be backing but it always tried to make the choice.

    The idea that you can celebrate diversity and simultaneously defend the integrity of mutually incompatible beliefs eg.the Feminist, Gay, Muslim rights fiasco is a relativist position. Since any open debate would undoubtedly expose the contradictions and antipathy between such groups and so undermine the entire notion of multiculturalism and equality, they prohibit debate and outlaw various classes of statement. No doubt they believe that they are doing the right thing and preserving social stability by doing so but legislating to preserve logical inconsistencies is not a good idea. However, this is NOT a socialist notion. It is undoubtedly, irreducibly relativist.

    That proponents of these ideas might see themselves as ‘of the left’ and ….drumroll…’progressive’ in outlook should not fool anybody into believing they have arisen out of socialism. I’m sure that you consider yourself way above immersing yourself in leftwing taxonomies and categorisations but there is at least one clear divide that you should be aware of: The relativist/ progressive ‘so-called’ left and ‘the left’ . You may regard such a distinction as largely irrelevant and, to anyone strongly opposed to left-wing politics, I can see this cleavage ( missus) is a side issue. However, I think you’ll find this relativist trend is moving ever rightward and already has a firm footing in the centre ground.

    Watch out. It’s heading your way.

  11. deluded leftwing fascistic bullshit

    That’s about right Monkeyfish. Interesting comment – I know exactly where you are coming from. Yes, pure socialism, pure Marxism even (which I have read a little more of) has bugger all to say about identity politics, race, multiculturalism, the whole shebang. Agreed. But in implementation, today – at every point in the past forty, fifty years in fact, identity politics has been at the forefront of mainstream left-wing political discussion, thinking and policy.

    From my viewpoint, this looks to have been a US import – left-wing Continental politics of the 60s was Marxist or Maoist; the identiy mania seems to stem from American campuses, not Parisian barricades. So yes, a recent addition to the creed, perhaps not core, perhaps not permanent – but I think you’d agree, widespread. And it’s certaintly *considered* core by those who run and support these parties – the majority at least. That damn word “progressive” is practially used as a synonym for anti-racist, multicultural, warm and fuzzy….

    As for the right adopting the same attitudes – nope. Yes, Cameron is, but he’s not a right winger. Name one of *his* policies that is? Nah, he’s a centerist; like Blair he’s chasing that middle ground, and in Europe that middle ground is percieved to be social democratic.

    Funnily enough I’m writing something that touches on this – will have it up at lunchtime.

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