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Lizard people gather to praise Gordon Brown

Lizard people cavortHow scary is this photo?

Now read the accompanying article. The guest list reads like a Who’s Who of the globally despised. And they think Gordon is the world’s greatest statesman.

Tells you all you need to know really, doesn’t it?

I bet a lot of live rodents were swallowed whole at that dinner…

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4 comments to “Lizard people gather to praise Gordon Brown”

  1. Oh no – I like Queen Rania – I even bought a copy of Hello! because of such a lovely photo spread of her. Now he’s gone and Gordoomed her.

    I dont think the shaved and black look is good for Colonel Gaddafi. He was better with the retrochic white suit and flowing locks.

  2. Absolutely. Queen Rania’s a doll. I often wonder what first attracted her to her billionaire king husband.

  3. We loved V – perhaps it was telling us the truth as well as entertaining us!

    There are lots of scary things about Bono – perhaps the scariest is that he must have paid for that haircut!

  4. “perhaps the scariest is that he must have paid for that haircut!”

    Yeah, but at least the blind, one armed, Congolese barber gets to feed his family for a month on the proceeds. Bono gets a new look and Africa gets the benefit.

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