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The BBC thinks Polly Toynbee speaks unarguable truth

That’s the conclusion I jumped to when I came across Polly’s piece this morning, blaming all the ills of the country on Class and Inequality – okay, it’s her view, but did the BBC really need to place this in a news site, as a news story?

the BBC thinks Polly Toynbee speaks unarguable truth

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It’s the POLICE, stupid!

I’ve been saying this for a fortnight – and finally the mainstream media appear to have caught up a little. In fact I’ll blow my own trumpet a little and repeat that ’speaksforboskone’ CiF comment in full. It is, sadly for the British media, still applicable two weeks on:

More misdirection.

As I’ve been saying all week THIS IS ABOUT THE POLICE.

This scandal reveals the routine, perhaps universal corruption within British police, and the intertwining of media and police. Now, we know what the media get out of it – in part – but what do the police get? This is the question the media will not ask. Just money? Oh no no no… The police get to control the narrative. They get to deliberately and intentionally, with the full support of the media, smear and hound and convict the innocent, to cover up either their incompetence, or, for example in the Dando case, cover up a broader political calamity. Read more »

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That ‘’ site in full…

Well, they say they want to hear what we want repealed, they say they want a “raucus debate”, they say all ideas are welcome. But what sits at the bottom of each and every sumitted idea? idiocy

Bloody muppets. In the UK the internet age appears to have absolutely *cemented* the idea that there are certain things you can and cannot say, can and cannot think. Nick, Cleggie me old mate, if you *want* free and unfettered debate, then just get rid of your fucking Mods!

UPDATE: It goes without saying that the site is barely useable, that half the functionality is crashing under load today, that it’s littered with exposed error messages and half baked basic coding errors.

UPDATE 2: Which brings up the obvious question – always close to the mind of a developer – “I wonder how much they paid….?”

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Synthia: “a new, entirely artificial life form created in a laboratory”. Is it fuck.

Today superbly illustrates the idiocy and herd-like mentality of the media. Take these two opening paragraphs from the BBC’s story on Synthia, Craig Venter’s new baby:

Scientists in the US have succeeded in developing the first synthetic living cell.

The researchers constructed a bacterium’s “genetic software” and transplanted it into a host cell. 

Note how the second para contradicts the first? The world’s media, as one, doesn’t seem to have spotted this. Makes you proud dunnit? Read more »

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The Rizla election

Rizla? Because one can only approach it stoned? No, because you can’t get a fag paper between the main parties on any issue of any significance. They all agree with Nick, because they all agree with each other. This isn’t a sudden change of course, we’ve been heading here for half a century, but it’s undeniable today. The media focus on ties, wives and gaffes isn’t the cause of the superficiality of this election and surrounding debate, it’s the result of it. British politics is discussed in a superficial way because only superficial differences are tolerated. Read more »

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It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen

February actually, but 1984 is the only reference that comes close to describing the UK today. Our slide into totalitarianism accelerates by the day Read more »

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The enduring twatishness of Sunny Hundal

When you get to my age you start to appreciate continuity – familiar birdsong, the reassuring permanence of your bathroom light switch, just where you can feel it in the dark, the way your five year old daughter inevitably punches you in the goolies while diving in for a hug… Yet the eternal, grinding, unlearning, simpering stupidity of lefties is something that I just can’t enjoy. After so many tens of millions dead, so many landscapes despoiled, so many bellies left empty and so many transgendered shot-putters exposed, why won’t they just fucking give it up? I think it’s the earnestness of cocksuckers like Sunny Hundal that irritates me most, and the hypocrisy of course. Read more »

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Sikh and yee shall find…. bullshit.

According to Sir Mota Singh, it is discriminatory not to discriminate in favour of Sikh schoolchildren. No, really… Read more »

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Equality is for ants

I’m so sick of equality. Labour’s painful obsession with enforcing a Marxist vision of absolute equality and interchangebility, with the cell door always ready to clang shut on dissenters, is fucking up this country in a way that mere economic collapse never could. The odious propagandists of the BBC are always ready to defend the madness of course, this morning letting rip at a “meddlesome pontiff”, but it seems within the sisterhood, some at least are showing a recognition of where this lunacy is leading us. The quiet voice of sanity? Why, Julie Bindel of course… Read more »

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The questions Blair will never ask himself

So, the slippery shit is in the dock at last – not quite. He’s not under oath and he won’t be taken afterwards to a place of execution, but right this moment, Blair is finally on the spot over Iraq. Or is he? Will he face the killer questions? There are only two. Read more »

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